Important Reminder
October 01, 2022

Dear 1199SEIU Employer:

We are following up on the email we sent you on Monday, February 10, 2020 to inform you that this version of the Employer Portal will be deactivated on April 30, 2020, and you will transition to a new, enhanced version of the Portal that makes it easier for you to report payroll and submit contribution payments.

The enhanced version of the Employer Portal allows you to make payroll adjustments directly to your payroll uploads, which means your 1199SEIU employees will receive their benefits without disruption. The features streamline the following functions:

  • Payroll reports: Submit your report in any format – MS Excel, text or FTP file.
  • Payroll adjustments: Make real-time adjustments directly to your payroll reports, resulting in faster updates to employee eligibility records.
  • Contribution Statement: View a detailed list of all contributions due and credits issued, allowing you to confirm that we have the same information you do. You will also be able to immediately resolve any questions.
  • Electronic payments: Use our JP Morgan Chase electronic payment system to ensure your payments are applied to the appropriate Funds and time periods, eliminating questions regarding contributions and the need to reconcile accounts.
  • FICA Reports: In January 2020, we began distributing FICA reports on this platform, replacing hard copies via regular mail.
You have been assigned a dedicated Coordinator who will work to assist you through the transition. Please contact 1199SEIU Funds Employer Services at or call (646) 473-6413 to schedule an appointment to speak with your Coordinator.

We look forward to working with you.


Thomas Grimes,

Assistant Director

Eligibility-Employer Services Unit